Thursday, December 1, 2016

More Lucy

Another Lucy block...
Just maybe, only three to go...happy dance!!

And a few of the joining blocks.
Not sure how many of these I have or how many I need. At least I have a start.

I have also been squeezing a few Wild and Gooseys in...they are so much fun.

This week we celebrated Matt's birthday.
A few days late, but the spirit of the day was still present.

This tiny little gal loves cheer. Not only is she on her regular team, but is also a flyer on the senior team!! Yay Macy!!

 Robert's first visit to UGA since being accepted as an incoming freshman for Fall 2017....inconsolable after a Dawg loss to Tech.

Take Care,


  1. Your Lucy block is just amazing in its perfection -- not just the stitching but also the cutting and the choice of colors and fabrics. I like your other blocks, too. Those flying geese look tiny!

  2. I have been drawn to the blue green fabrics that have been popular the last few years. You have used some in a really pretty way.