Tuesday, September 6, 2016

If I Only

Had a brain. Honestly,  sometimes I worry. On Saturday Christi, Sara Ashley and I took in some shops on the Court Square, ate lunch at Redneck Gourmet and then headed out to a local craft fair. After we had finished and were waiting in line for a funnel cake, Christi discovered this......
All day, two different  Birkenstocks....do you think anyone else noticed??? I have to tell you, we laughed till we cried.

And then there is this.....Block 3 of The Magic of Christmas.
City Version
Blocks 1-3
Country Version
Blocks 1-3

Just saying here, that the cute little 2" finished star in the center of the 6" block has SEVENTEEN pieces in it!!!! If I had known these blocks were going to be so challenging, I might not have bitten. Oh well, I am in it now, and I do like them. I'll just have to look at it as an opportunity to work on accuracy.

The old hand is not cooperating with hooking right now. Even alternating hooks allows me only about 20 minutes of hooking time.
But I have made a little progress on the big scrappy rug...

Rob and Robert went to the GA game on Saturday....Go Dawgs!!!!
And we had our family birthday dinner for Rob here last night....a big Southern meal with roast beef and veggies.

Off to get ready for Happy Hookers

Take Care,


  1. I'd say you are half done with your rug. Hope the hand starts feeling better soon.
    That's a lot of pieces in such a small star!!!
    Great picture of daughter and family. I will keep Rob in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs :)

  2. HAR HAR... I have also left the house with two different sandles on my feet and felt the same as you. Welcome to the club. Oh my, hope my arthritic hands don't get to that point before a lot more of my wool is used up. Hope Rob stays on the mend and has another many years with family.


  3. Oh Jennie. This is so funny. I needed a good chuckle this morning.
    Great blocks and lovely family pictures as always.

  4. Well... just goes to show that Birkenstock's are a consistent level of comfort no matter which one (or two) you wear! lol! :-) Love that Mark Lipinsky quote! Sometimes... it feels all too true! Your doing a fabulous job of stitching up these mystery blocks... these quilts will certainly look beautiful in your home this holiday! :-)

  5. That's so funny about the shoes. It seems like something I would do (except that the pairs of shoes I wear feel so different from each other). I love your red and green fabric for the Christmas blocks. And I really love your scrappy rug! I think it would make a great quilt. What a beautiful family your son has.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

  6. Oh I laughed out loud with the Birkenstocks, yes I have done that and Yes, you probably haven't done this but I have worn different socks to work out in - in a Pilates class where everyone sees your socks :( LOL, Many Hugs, Love your work, Mary