Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Break

I am taking a much needed break from the fabric organization project. I finished all of the reproduction and regular small feat. Next up will be the homespuns, but after a little breather.

On the frame I am back to this project....
You have seen it before. This time it will remain till finished.  I have been working towards the opposite end to assure that I get my colors balanced. And there is definitely some tweaking to be done, but not yet.  This project won't make a dent in those worm bags, but I will still plug away at them.

Saundra over at Woodland Junction reports that she only has one tiny hooking UFO. She could easily finish it in an evening. I won't even count mine, and, unfortunately, it seems they are all on the large side.

Tonight, besides hooking a block on my rug, I cut all of the star points for Cathedral Stars. 
My plan is to complete this top and then get back to cutting up the homespuns.

Four of the grands have headed back to school.
Robert....first day of pre-K and Senior year. My, how time flies!
Macy and Jackson, fifth and second grades. Bear could use some schooling, too....LOL.
Christopher, second grade.

Several clumps of these pretty pink lilies have sprung up in my yard.
There is no foliage, just the stem. And I didn't plant them , but they are certainly welcome.

Take Care,


  1. I love that rug and the blue star points remind me of dyed wool.
    The grands sure have started school early! Mine goes back next week and I thought that was early!!!
    My lilies are finally blooming, too. I know they are called Resurrection lilies, but my mom always called them naked!
    Hugs :)

  2. Har har, you are so right that my small hit and miss mat could be finished in a night. I get so bored tho. Now I think yours looks more interesting than mine, albeit larger. Your rug is a beauty.

  3. Your rug pattern intrigues me, Jennie. I'm wondering how you created it, how you chose where to put the blocks and their size. It's just the kind of pattern I would love to use in a quilt (but would never be able to figure out myself). Love the colors you've chosen.

    Your grands are so cute. It's amazing how they change in a few years and how fast those years go!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,