Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Healing Hug

The blue Dresden Plate found its ' forever home today.
Friend, Kelley, is in the hospital fighting the side effects of radiation in his battle against recurring brain and spinal cord cancer. Kitty said not only does he like his quilt, but it has brought him quite a bit of attention at the hospital. This is the very best part of making quilts.....the love that we pass on to others. My heart is full..... Sweet and sad. I love these wonderful people and I hate the struggle.

The rain continues here in Georgia, but we are fortunate to live on high ground. The little peek of sunshine yesterday made me yearn for more. 

Macy's cheer team won first place in their second competition. It is so much fun to see this sweet girl's self confidence blossom!!

 Rob and Sara Ashley continue to enjoy their hunting days together.  Shooting a deer is really secondary.

Enjoy the moments, for the moments are our lives.

Take care,


  1. Prayers for your friend Kelley. What a beautiful quilt you gifted him.
    The cheer team is so cute! Congrats to them.
    How wonderful that Rob and Sara Ashley are enjoying the moment. Thanks for sharing the Dr. Suess saying.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Such a wonderful gift of love you gave him. Praying for Kelly and hope he feels ensconced with magical powers which are snuffing out those terrible bad cells. You are a very generous woman and can't believe how fast you roll out those quilts.