Friday, October 2, 2015

Simply Red Center

I have made some progress on Simply Red Center, my Jen Kingwell quilt. 
The central block is finished.
It is not perfect, but I am happy with it....especially since I haven't needle turned in a long while.

The outside border has twelve Irish Chain blocks. Today I got six of them done and the rest cut out....
All the fabrics except the red in the center block are from stash.

I also finished my Vintage quilt, but the weather has not cooperated for was entirely from stash, including backing and batting.  The batting for this quilt is my last one larger than a 60x60 in my stash. I normally buy a roll, but it has gotten pretty expensive, even with a Joann's coupon and I have been using up my odds and ends, regardless of the fiber content. Will have to decide about purchasing soon.

I have been knitting a mindless shawl from this free pattern , Be Simple Shawl, Ravelry. Very easy, and lovely Madeline Tosh yarn purchased at The Yarnhouse Studio in Opelika, AL.

I am through Clue 2 on the Summertide MKAL. Clue 4 came out today, so I am obviously behind. I am okay with that. Diane had to bail me out a couple of times, but I have learned a lot.

Bucky has been lame and resting for a couple of months. He and Sara Ashley were glad to finally be able to ride again...though carefully.

This is a rare sighting...
Daisy and Roxie napping together. Roxie is doing her best to ignore

Take Care,


  1. Your center block is so lovely! I am still on clue #2 of the Summertide so I am behind with you. I am heading to knitting group this morning and hope to get a bit more done on that clue.

  2. Oh that needle turned center block is just lovely! I am a total wimpy novice where needle turn is concerned--am going to try a bit on a sunflower i am starting...I am knitting a simple shawl also: YOWZA #3 on Ravelry--it is so simple I can even watch the Red Sox lose on tv while knitting hahaha hugs, Julierose

  3. Your red & white applique blocks looks good. I love red & white quilts and I think most people do.

  4. Just love that picture of Bucky and Sara Ashley. She looks lost in deep thought.
    Hugs :)