Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disappearing 4-Patch Mini

What constitutes a UFO?  This little quilt, the January challenge from Kathleen Tracy at Collector With A Needle, had been lingering in the stack of projects yearning to be finished since January.  Does that make it a UFO??....I think so.  The best excuse is that the Bernina I most like to stitch on has been in the shop for the better part of the past seven months (and even after two trips to the factory is still not fixed and must go back again....don't get me started). At any rate, it is now finished, hanging and I really like it.
A rather dark photo, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I will take on my newest kitchen "toy".
A new Dehydrator. I will be trying out some of the peaches we bought yesterday. I already know that I adore dried apple rings for snacking, and I have bell peppers and herbs from the garden 
to dehydrate.  Any hints or suggestions?

 Take Care,

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  1. Oh Jennie - tell me how you like that dehydrator! I have been thinking about getting one.