Friday, July 3, 2015

Caraway Rug Show 3

This will be the last of the rug show that I will post, though by far, not all of the rugs displayed.

Eric Sandberg's wonderful Oriental, hooked from his worm bags over a period of many years.

Diane Gill's original rug design based in an antique coverlet....this one hooked by Diane.....
And this version hooked by her sister, Mary.

Sheri Bennet's Log Cabin based on a quilt pattern. Great choice of colors.

Really cute little milking  application of design to stool with upholstery tacks. Hooker not known.

Star Runner...Designed and hooked by Sally Kallin.

Grandmother's Rug designed and hooked by Sally Kalin.

This happy rug was hooked by Jan King, designer unknown.

This wonderful rug was hooked by Robin Rhoades for her son.

Another Sally Kalin rug.

The Dancers, an adaptation of a Renoir by Karen Whidden.  Amazing.

A great adaptation of an antique rug....hooker unknown.

Hope you enjoyed.

Take Care,


  1. Hi Jennie- Just found the chicken pattern, designed by Fritz Mitnick, on the Honey Bee Hive website just in case... Happy 4th! -Mary

  2. All I can say is these rugs are stunning, there is so much talent out there.

  3. How in the world did I miss these few rug show posts? I must have been in a coma or really preoccupied. Wonderful presentation in fine cut, whimsy, geometric and holiday. Thanks; always LOVE a rug show.

  4. Geez, I'm worse than Saundra. I just saw that I missed these two posts. So many great rugs! Love the lions.
    What are you hooking?
    Hugs :)