Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nothing Exciting

Nothing exciting happening here. I am keeping my nose to the grindstone, working diligently on Snowmen A-Z.  I am working on block K/L now. The next block, M, is the halfway point.

Last night when I was unable to sleep, I caught up on Little Letters, and then added the "S" after it posted today.

Prior to starting the Snowmen stitching marathon, I had started "Donder and Bitzen". It was a kit by Jan Patek purchased several years ago. I lack part of the first border, and the second one, which has appliqu├ęd stars. Should be able to finish it before Christmas.

This cute little wool pumpkin was a gift from Laura and Kathie, who made about a gazillion of them as table decor for the Hook In.

This is what Roxie spends much of her day doing.
At 15 1/2, I guess she is due. She has learned to play a bit with Daisy....which is surprising. She has always been one of those dogs who really didn't play much....with people or other dogs.

Buddy has learned to eat in the presence of the other dogs, which is something he never did in the eleven months at his foster home. 

Sara Ashley and her dad love to go hunting together. She got a large doe last weekend. She knows to spare me the details, but I understand that she is a good shot.

Love nudges from Buddy.
Roxie's old body snuggled close in the bed.
The splendor of Fall.

Take care,


  1. Sweet pictures of the furbabies.
    My, how old is Sara Ashley? She doesn't look old enough to know how to!
    I somehow missed your last post. Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful rugs. I must say, the coverlet is my favorite!
    Hugs :)

  2. I am pretty sure I made the Donder & Blitzen piece but never quilted it. I need to go on a search.