Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grandparents' Day

Yesterday was Grandparents' at Macy and Jackson's elementary school. That means lunch and the Book Fair. How clever of them to schedule the Book Fair in conjunction with Grandparents ' Day...LOL. Anyway, I was privileged to be the "chosen" grandparent to attend for both of them. It was a fun day of memory making.

Jackson looking over his new books in the car.....looking so handsome with his new haircut.

Macy chose a craft book with supplies to make little Pom Pom animals. How cute is this!

Macy also had to write a three step essay about how she would save the Thanksgiving turkey from becoming dinner.  Here it is......

Got to love this girl......who knows her Mimi so well :-)).....and perhaps thinks a bit like her.....

The innocence of childhood.
Sharing in little lives.
Nurturing schools.

Take Care,

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