Sunday, July 27, 2014


In creative chaos.  Ever been there?  Recently I came to a point that I no longer felt like going down to my sewing room.  It was simply too overwhelming.  It didn't look so bad on the surface, but open that closet door, peek behind the sewing get the idea.  Too much stuff. Unfortunately, there was little I cared to give up, but I had to do something.  Blake was amazed at what I pulled from those closets. I finally decided to use my large closet as it had been intended....for fabric only.  How nice it is to be able to see and use what I have!

As for my kits, UFOs and projects in grocery sacks (PIGS), my solution is not ideal, but I think it will work for me.  I kept out several projects that I anticipate working on within the next few months in project boxes on my shelves and in the cubbies. The rest are stored in large tubs that are easily accessible and labelled with the contents.  This includes quilting and hooking projects. I used almost two rolls of label tape in hopes of being able to find my supplies and avoiding buying duplicates.

I found this adorable child's great a local antique shop for only ten dollars!
It makes for great storage.

Can't tell you how much better this two week cleaning binge has made me feel. Just hope I can maintain and enjoy some of the things I have stashed.

Rob and Christi are enjoying Vegas, despite the 111 degree temps.

And here is another photo of my Buddy man.  What a handsome boy.

Lavender & Epsom bath salts.
The dignity of the Honor Guard at a coworker's funeral.

Take care,


  1. Love that term PIGS!!! lol! I'll admit I have 2 of those... ;-) Great job on the fabric organizing! I often wondered if folks filed by collection or color? My stash is small yet, so I still have collections bundled... but, it is in various places around the house... lol! Good to hear the kids are enjoying their trip away... Buddy looks like he was having lots of fun with a tissue! lol! Pets are awesome!

  2. Buddy is so cute! Are you teaching him how to needlefelt? LOL

  3. Thx for visiting! Buddy and Daisy have successfully torn up three beds so far. Never knew the stuffing was green!