Thursday, July 31, 2014

Country Threads 2014

Until tomorrow, I am finally caught up on the CT 2014 BOM. I had fallen way behind, finishing my last blocks back in March. With this BOM, that is not good. Most months there are several blocks, and some are challenging, so it was a feat to get back on track.  The CT ladies also posted instructions for setting together the first third of the quilt. I am pleased with my planned scrappy color choices.  I do need to get some more light background in there, though.

This afternoon I decided to make one of the dog beds for our guys. A test of sorts, to see how they will hold up.  A nice scrap of soft corduroy, batting and wool scraps made this bed. I think Daisy approves. And it is a lot cheaper than the last three they have torn to shreds.

This is what I am working on. I don't know exactly why, except that it was on top of the UFO stack in the cubby I opened at two a.m. the other morning when I couldn't sleep.  It was a Thangles BOM from the long ago closed Heritage Quilts.  Seems that a large number of my UFOs seem to be sampler quilts.

And this is the stack of quilts that are now home and awaiting binding....two of them are UFOs.  The pink and green on the bottom is a rep weave rug for my kitchen that I wove last year and never did the finishing work.

Next week I MUST make the CNC raffle quilt and the valances for Ashley's classroom.

Put up four quarts of okra for frying today.  And readied fresh tomatoes, peas and okra for a big pot of homemade vegetable beef soup to cook in the crockpot tomorrow.  This has been a busy week in the garden.

Sara Ashley will be staying from tomorrow till Saturday evening while the rest of her family is at Chrysalis, so there won't be much stitching going on here.

Tiny little chameleon lizards on my plants.
Serving a country meal that everyone enjoys.
Watermelons on our vines.

Take care,


  1. Wow! The CT BOM looks fabulous! I bet those 3 stars in the upper right took a good amount of time and patience! Daisy is soooo cute... looks like she melted off the side of her bed! lol!

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  4. I should have jumped on the band wagon with the Country Thread blocks. I like what I see with yours.