Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Today was Heartstrings Day at our house. We don't  have a large group, but we are pretty prolific.  And besides, we have lots of fun......the most important part, right?

Sandy and I got a pile of string blocks with various dark blue centers made. Louise pressed and trimmed. Debi bound our most recent quilt....which she had also quilted....and then made some large half square triangles for a new quilt. We are needing a small break from strings and have some larger pieces to work with.

Here are our most recent finishes.

You just can't go wrong with strings....amazing how different each quilt looks by simply setting them differently. All made from what would be considered trash.  I suppose this is a true " trash to treasure" story!

Stitching days with friends.
The process and the product of quilting.
Making something from nearly nothing.

Take care, Jennie

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