Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chicken Update

No chicken posts in awhile, s I thought I would catch you up. The flock is doing well, and now that the days are longer, egg production is up and we have plenty to eat and share.  A couple of weeks ago their coop and runs got cleaned, with their fan installed for Summer.

Bobbie is one of our original flock and our largest hen.

Ronny, our handsome rooster, takes good care of his girls.  Someone down the road got a new rooster, and he and Ronny try to out crow one another. Love hearing them.  Thank goodness, the neighbors are not that close and don't mind their crowing anyway.

Feeding frenzy over cabbage leaves from the garden.

Snowflake and Puff.


Ronny, Puff and Bobbie.

We continue to enjoy their antics and their eggs. It is hard to imagine life without them.

The sound of chicken chatter.
Puppy antics.
Sweet family.

Take care,

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