Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter in the South

I know that everyone has read about the Southern snow storm......all two inches of it, which successfully shut down the city of Atlanta.  Well, we live in the country, have a four wheel drive truck and Gator, are retired and don't have to go anywhere we don't want to as a rule.  All of that being said, we thoroughly enjoyed our snow since the last one was three or more years ago.  We stayed home, played with the dogs, I stitched and we just took it easy.  Today the temperature was 70 degrees and I sat on the back porch.  Such is winter in the South.

In keeping with the snow, here is one of my finishes for January.  It is By Thy Hands January BOM by Buttermilk Basin.  Pretty cute and pretty appropriate.  It is a nice combination of piecing and wool appliqué.  By the way, I did this wool appliqué by machine and I was good with the way it turned out.

Here are three of the grands playing in the snow.  A rare treat for them!

Macy, Sara Ashley and Jackson
(above and below)

And around the house.

The beautiful, but blessedly rare Southern snow storm.
Quiet time at home.
Warm clothes.

Take care,

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  1. We watched all the problems in Atlanta on the weather channel. What a mess.

    Your new snowman is cute and a reminder of the storm past. I made a similar version of the snowman you made not too long ago.