Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nines & Vines, 2014 Progress

Way back in this post of January 2013 (several posts down this page) I talked about giving Nines & Vines, a project from a 2004 AP&Q Magazine, another chance.  At that time I did get all of the blocks pieced......period, end of story.  So this January I drug it back out, still liked it, and got busy.  Blocks assembled, borders added, backing and binding done and ready to go to be quilted.  Woohoo.  Not a finish yet, but on the way.

I am a little disappointed in what I have completed for January....really, I had hoped to get more done (meaning to finished stage).
Here is a summary:

1.  Binding for Holiday Inn (UFO finished)
2.  Binding for Amish Stars (UFO finished)
3.  By Thy Hands January Mat (finished)
4.  Nines & Vines to flimsy stage with backing and binding made
5.  CQP2014 Block completed
6.  Comfort & Joy BOM January completed
7.  Pattern Play Baby Quilt to flimsy stage with backing and binding made
8.  Churn Dash top to flimsy stage with backing and binding made
9. 60 Leaders & Enders 9 patch blocks (see below)

I had planned to machine quilt the baby quilt by now.  And since Heartstrings and QOV didn't meet this month, I failed to make any charity blocks.  I have two quilts at the quilters and three ready to go, which will end up being finishes at some point this year, no hurry.

I am participating in Pat Sloan's (see sidebar) and Country Threads UFO finishing challenges. Last month at Country Threads, it was number 10, which was my Amish Stars binding and it is done.  This month it was number 1.....which was Nines & Vines to flimsy stage.....but since I have already gotten that done, I am going to add trimming up half of my scrap bin Bonnie Hunter style.  Here is where it stands as of today despite my considerable efforts over the past month or so.

Another reason I am feeling a little discouraged is because I actually counted my quilting UFOs.  Good golly, Miss Molly!!!!  I am not saying how many, but it is a lot.  And that does not include any other craft UFOs, nor does it include PIGs or kits.  So, I think I should close down the computer for now and get busy!!!  I really plan to make a dent in these, even though I know I can't finish them all (and may not want to, but I will decide that as I go).

Projects to work on.

Take care,

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  1. I just discovered this quilt when I searched "applique border" or something similar on google. You wrote this post before I began reading quilting blogs so this is a new quilt to me, Jennie. I love it. The center is wonderfully enhanced by the appliqued border. Did you stitch the appliques before you attached the border to the quilt or after? I made a quick decision to stitch the border before stitching the appliques and now I'm wondering if I should have done it the other way. I guessed that an unattached border might stretch and pull out of shape a little during stitching, which is why I attached it first. Any thoughts on which is better? Your 9-patch blocks are delightful. I love the multi-colors and especially the addition of the plaids. How did you eventually use them?