Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Squeezing it in

Never made a September List, so I guess that justifies my minimal stitching progress for the month. A poor excuse is better than none, I suppose.

In light of feeling disappointed in my lack of progress, I picked up the other quilt that Debi had quilted in August and got it bound on September 30th and Voila, a finish, and a UFO finish at that. Better than nothing.  Here it is....the pink and brown thangles sampler that I started at least 7 years ago. Sorry, the pinks in the photo look a bit orangey.

Heartstrings and Sew Crazy were without a meeting place as a result of our local quilt shop closing, so I offered up our place.  Heartstrings met on the fourth Wednesday of September and we worked on 6 1/2" blocks with red centers. Only three of us Crazies were able to make it on the following Friday, but we were quite productive, finishing thirty one 10" finished blocks for our QOV quilts.  More than us being productive, being with friends, stitching, laughing and sharing was incredibly healing to my battered soul.  Thank you, friends.

Rob and Christi spent weekend before last in Athens, with Robert joining them on Saturday for the GA/LSU game.  It was a very special weekend for them.....and it did my heart good to see them having a regular old good time. It didn't hurt that The Dawgs won a real nail biter !!

Macy looked adorable dressed up as Dorothy during Spirit Week at her school.

And Sara Ashley was able to drag her birthday celebration out through Tuesday with a family get together at Red Robin.


Joy in the everyday, commonplace events of each day.
Unexpected shows of support.
Everything Fall.

Take care, 

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  1. It is good to see you getting back into the swing. Your 7 year old UFO still is very up to date looking and a good finish.
    We don't have a Red Robin in our area. Maybe some day.