Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday stuff

Weaving and Hooking Group today.  Weaving was a the 1020 epi warp through the reed and ran out of room right at the end; had to start all over.  Grrrrrrrrr.

Had fun at Hooking.  Great dinner, lots of show and tell and fellowship.  Even got a little hooking done.  I finished the borders on Love Grows in the Garden this weekend.  Would like to get at least a quarter of the background completed this week.  Looks like rain the next few days, so that is a possibility.  Here is the rug as of yesterday.

Prepped all of the Summer Blooms and Words to Live By blocks, so hopefully they will get stitched before the next ones arrive..............but that is a lot of stitching.  At least the prep work is done.  And block 3 of Summer Blooms is stitched.

Poppy anticipated our leaving her at home today.  I think she looks a little sad.  Or maybe it is just lazy.

And lastly, a happy little bouquet from the garden.

Bedtime now.  Babysitting Jackson and Macy tomorrow morning.  Have to have some energy!

Sunny, summer flowers.
The sweet fragrance of gardenias when I walk out the door.
Yummy pie and ice cream.

Take care,


  1. Beautiful hooking and stitching! Poppy is pouting for sure... poor little one! ;-) Gorgeous Summer Bouquet!

  2. The "Love Grows" rug design would make a good quilt wall hanging design.