Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project Overload

Since the weather has gotten too hot to work in the yard all day, I have been working on my projects a little more.  Seems I had weeks when that wasn't the case, as the yard and garden were constantly calling.

I am, as usual, on Project Overload.  So many things I want to finish, start, dream know the routine.  I really think I could have Adult ADD....honestly!  I so admire those people, like my dear friend, Diane, who can only work on one or two things at a time and totally finish them before she moves on.  I just don't have it in me.  I so wish I did.  I have a million plans on how I am going to do better, finish what I start, etc., but I just keep doing what I do.  I guess I am too old to change.

We have just finished Block #5 on the Kisses from your Beloved BOM.  These are turning out nicely.  I like the colors and the technique ruler is fun to use.  I think I can use it on lots of other quilts if I just take the time to figure out where it will work.  Making flying geese and half square triangles with it is amazing.  I would even consider making a whole quilt with some of these blocks.  Despite the fact that there are so many pieces, they are quick to do with this ruler.  Sound like an advertisement, don't I?

I joined the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week this year.  When you do that, you also get an adorable freebie each week.  I haven't started the BOW because they are only shipping the wool to many of us because of a backorder on the background fabric.  I am working on the little freebies.  I got the woolen pieces fused last week and this week I am doing the blanket stitching and embroidery.

I am excited to be signed up for a class with Lisa Bonegan from Primitive Gatherings in September here in Georgia.  Even though I already know how to do wool applique, there is always something new to learn.  And I am really hoping that she brings a Trunk Show.

Hen and House is blocked and ready for finishing.  I have prepped the fabric for the braiding to complete it and hope to get that done this week, also.  Kathie, the braiding expert, helped me choose the colors......primitive black, a textured gold and a textured red.

It was nice to finally get my rugs back from their three month stay at our guild rug show.  Hidden in the Garden is finally on the floor for the first time.  Roxie always has to try a new rug out.......I think she approves.

The summer storm that blew through last night gave us some much needed rain.  We didn't need the dead tree that fell on our garden fence and flattened the young corn.  Thank goodness the damage was only minimal.  And that the chicken coop was unharmed!!

While I was picking veggies this morning, I noticed how pretty the colors in this okra blossom were.

Think I will go stitch for awhile now.


Mornings in the garden.
The smell of summer rains.
Fresh veggies.

Take care,


  1. I am always on project overload. You are doing well with all your projects. I enjoyed looking at all of them.

    1. Thx, Karen. I am in awe of all you get FINISHED!!!!!