Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yikes....I started this post two weeks ago and never finished it!!  Well, here goes.............

Our week at Caraway was everything we had hoped for.  Good companionship, a great teacher, three meals a cooking, no clean up, hooking, wool, vendors.  A rughooker's paradise.

Sunday started with Laura, Kathie, Diane, Jan and me piling everything (and I mean everything) into two cars and hitting the road.  A few potty breaks, a good lunch and lots of laughter later, we arrived at Caraway and were greeted by our fearless leader, Eric Sandberg.  We settled into our room, classroom, ate, sat through orientation and then got busy in the classroom with our wonderful teacher, Anita White.

It was fun to have so many friends in our class.  We encouraged one another, laughed a lot, got into a little after hours mischief, and did a heck of a lot of hooking.

In addition, we were offered several mini classes.  I chose to take Anita's class where we made really cute wool notebook covers.  I finished hooking mine at camp and Anita showed us how to stitch it up - we actually came home with a finished project!!!!

I started two rugs with Anita, and made decent progress on both.  The first was Anita's pattern, Paisley Runner (below).  I love the colors and the design was a dream to hook.  It is finished now and awaiting binding, but the photo is what I got done at camp.  The second rug, by Sharon Smith, is Readers, and you can see my start on it below, also.  I changed the dog to a schnauzer, of course, and got a little of that hooked with Anita, also.

Friday morning arrived more quickly than you could ever imagine.  It was nice to get home, but also nice to know that we can look forward to next year at Caraway!!!


The camaraderie of friends, old and new, as we gather to enjoy a like art/craft.
Coming home.

Take care,

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