Friday, May 11, 2012

Still working on it.........

Finally got the new photo editing program downloaded and working.  Not sure I really understand it, but then, I haven't spent a lot of time there yet.  Camera #1 turned out to be less than I had expected (wouldn't you know it........I mean, the price was right), so I returned it and ordered Camera #2.  Camera #2 came in yesterday and I have 30 days to decide how I like it.  Classes are included, thank goodness.  You better believe I am going to be snapping photos up a storm.  Disclaimer.....only a few of the photos on this post are made with the new camera.

The past month has been full of family birthdays.......Christopher, Dillon, Macy, Robert, John, Sister and me......whew!!!  Robert and Dillon are now teenagers.  Hard to believe.

Last night we attended Evans Middle School's Chorus Concert.......Robert was one of the performers.

Sara Ashley has started taking horseback riding lessons.  Her grandfather gave her a twenty year old Tennessee Walker, Lad......not her lesson horse, but a great choice for her to become comfortable with caring for and just having fun with.

I have been trying to play catch up on the Over the Meadow BOM.  Here is the March block and the first three blocks together:

Wanted to share a couple of handmade gifts I received for my birthday.  From Laura is this precious needlepunched pin.......I love all things "bird", and so does Laura.

And the multi-talented Diane surprised me with another talent........this incredible egg basket (for you know what) and the cute little towel with the hand embroidered chicken and eggs:

The schnauzers also had birthdays this month........they are now thirteen.  Here is a cute photo of Miss Roxie, who is still quite spunky despite her senior citizen status.

Finally, from the garden, where I am spending most of my time now..........


Lunch and laughter with friends.
Getting to share in the grandchildren's lives.
The opportunity to volunteer.

Take care,

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