Friday, March 13, 2009

Best wishes...........

to Danny and Betty!!! After 22 years of marriage they are being blessed with a baby boy. They are coworkers, and yesterday we honored them with a baby shower at work. They got lots of nice gifts and the food was delicious. We continue to keep Betty, Danny and their baby boy in our prayers.

Last night I glued up this pillow from Blackbird Designs' new book, "When the Cold Wind Blows". It was a kit (pictured here....wish it was mine, already finished and nicely made into a pillow) from The Quilted Crow. I really like it and have the perfect place for it in my house. Being said, this is unusual, because more often, I just make things because I like them.....not because I want them for a special place in my home. Or, I make them for a gift.

BBDs are my favorite designers. I love nearly everything they do, and they are very prolific. There are lots of their designs on my quilting, hooking and xstitch "To Do" lists. One of the new favorites of my online prim applique quilting group is in "When the Cold Wind Blows" and is called "Trick or Treat". It consists of 200+ tiny (like 5")appliqued baskets. I have gotten a bunch of them prepped and in my "To Go" bag (a worm bag from Bass Pro Shop), as they work up really quickly and are great to take with you. Four are now finished......I will try to post pics over the w/e. I am sure I will never finish over 200, but I will work on them until I tire, and then they will become something. And I will have used up a little more stash.

I only lack one side of the binding on Dick and Jane....and the label. Hopefully that will be counted off tonight. DH is also going by the frame shop today to pick up a xstitch and a hooked piece that I had framed, so that will be two more finishes. Finally, some progress.

Looks like we are heading into rain and cooler weather this w/e. I was really hoping for sunshine on Saturday since we are having a family fishfry...........


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