Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Running Late...Again

I did actually get a Mary Brown block finished this month, but didn’t get it posted on the 30th. 
So, here you go...better late than never.

And I have another prepped, so maybe another block this month.

My Burnham 64 scroll rug is a bit of a slow go, but a pleasant hook.

I like it and the rather old fashioned look it has. I changed to a primitive black background because the medium brown got lost in too many areas. 

Thanksgiving was lovely and spent with family at Ebeneezer Stone Farm. We forgot to take pics. 

My concession to early Christmas decorating...

Buddy said he wasn’t moving. I have never been an early Christmas decorator. This is the earliest I have ever had my tree up. And I have wreaths on the doors. Woohoo!

Take Care,



  1. You had me worried there for a moment.... At first I thought your "Brunham 64 scroll" rug was either 64" long...or had 64 scrolls in it LOL. 44" is ambitious enough in my world. ;-) It is coming along beautifully...I am especially loving your blues. And your block is beautiful as intricate...yikes! Count me out. ;-) And late by 2 days is early in my world. Your tree is lovely. I am generally a "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" girl...well, guess now I am a "still Halloween after Thanksgiving" girl. Sigh. Hope I get my act together soon. ~Robin~

  2. Oh, the detail on your Mary Brown block is amazing -- all those tiny leaves and the curves between them! It looks amazing!
    I love the rug pattern and the colors you're using. And your Christmas tree is beautiful. I really like how the tree stand is covered. Is it a cover you put over a tree stand or is it a tree stand itself? It looks so much better (imho) than a cloth tree skirt. Good for you to get your Christmas decorations up early. Our tree is up with lights on and we have candles in the windows but that's it so far (and maybe that's all for this year).

  3. The quilt block is beautiful but way too intricate for me. Your Burnham rug is wonderful and the black background will make the rest of the colors pop. Good decision me thinks.

  4. Love your quilt block and so love peeking in on lit Christmas trees. Just lovely and your pup looks comfy too! Janice

  5. lol! LOVE that quote! :-)
    Gorgeous Christmas Tree! It's the perfect time of year to cozy up our homes! What better way than with hooked rugs, quilts and sparkly decorations! Enjoy and be happy!

  6. I love your Mary Brown - I am so far behind poor Mary Brown is being ignored here - I will try to catch up. I have 16 blocks done (all 4 corners). Just need to start on the top row of blocks! Hugs

  7. The quilt block is beautiful but way too intricate for me.
    clipping path

  8. What a nice job on your rug love the colors! My husband was a teacher and he said you can't teach common sense. Love this quote though.

  9. Enjoyed your post Jennie. Love the quilt block. And the black will make the colours pop.Buddy looks very relaxed.

  10. Hi Jennie, your scroll rug is gorgeous and so is your appliqué bock. I've done a few appliqué quilts a while back and really enjoyed the slow process. I've put my hook away for awhile and somehow haven't gotten my Mojo back.
    Your Christmas is really beautiful, it a shame to have to take it down.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year, health and happiness.