Sunday, May 17, 2020

Preserving my Sanity

Seems that being outside is the salve my soul needs right now. The weather has accommodated, thank goodness. So, tonight I will share more photos in the garden.

This beautiful, ruffled petunia was a gift from friend, Amy.

Blake and I actually went out for lunch last week, which was great. The restaurant followed all guidelines and wasn’t  crowded. Boy, was it nice to be served again!!

Take care and stay safe,


  1. You have beautiful flowers in your yard, Jennie!

  2. Your flowers look wonderful. Sadly what flower beds I used to have now look more like weed & flowers. With degenerative disc disease at the lower back, scoliosis and arthritis I just can't bend over and steadily do that any longer. I pull weeds in short periods but it sure isn't enough to make a dent.

  3. All your flowers are beautiful. I really need to think about getting out and purchasing annuals for the wheelbarrow, crocks, etc. Raining today - which we really need - so no yard work. Yippee :)

  4. I ahve eaten in a couple restaurants. Hardly any customers when I go but I choose the middle of the afternoon. It is a treat to sit there by myself and read while I enjoy my meal.