Friday, February 21, 2020

A Brief What I’m Up To

Behind on posting, so thought I would do a quick one.

Month Five of Happy Hexies is a wrap...

Which is good, because Month Six has arrived. They are cut out and ready to glue baste. I really love these cuties.

Mary Clayton 1818 by Pineberry Lane is now finished, too.
I started this one, a gift from the Hornes, on Christmas night. It was a joy to stitch.

On the FB group, Fans of Blackbird Designs, they are stitching this freebie, Les Petite Rouge, as a stitch along. The challenge is to add a motif or motifs that represent BBDs, as well as personalizing the name. 

I wanted to do another small red sampler, and this was perfect. This is a 36ct mystery linen. You can find the free pattern 

It is almost time again for our March Grey Matters fundraiser. I am really looking forward to this speaker.

Macy and BFF Dani, both upcoming freshman at Newnan High next year, made Varsity Cheer. They were the only freshmen to move up from JV. Their hard work paid off and I am so proud of them.

Jackson’s youth basketball team, the Blazers, won first in their final tournament. Coach Dad was pretty pleased, too.

This is a familiar route;-)

Take care,


  1. Oh my but that quick right hand turn detour is me exactly!!!!! Had a good chuckle over that.

  2. Love your hexies. I'm always turning off the main road for a new Hugs

  3. You are always so productive.
    I LOVE Mary Clayton. Pineberry Lane has so many wonderful patterns.
    Congrats to Macy and her BFF. Hard work does pay off. Their matching shoes and torn jeans crack me up!
    Congrats to Jackson, too.

  4. I love your hexies ... so pretty!! Your finished cross stitch piece is beautiful, too. Nicely done! Thanks for the link to the pretty red sampler! I've added it to my inventory of "I'll never be bored" patterns. ;) I am oh-so-familiar with that route is well ... I think we've passed each other a time or two! :)

  5. Mary Clayton is so very nice. Do you have a lot of cross stitch projects started? Seems to be the trend nowadays. Work on one and switch to the next and then the next. Much like our quilting projects.