Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Happy Hookers Night

Well, yes, it was a week ago. Better late than never.  Not everyone works on hooking, but we all have fun.

Angie has made a lot of these cute sheep, which will become a quilt finish of some sort. I think that she has enough for a king sized quilt!

Ann is hooking this pretty quilt pattern that she designed herself.

Edit here: Ann says that this pretty pattern is not her design, but that of Anita White’s Thanks, Ann, always want to give credit where it is due.

And Theda is contemplating her next project.

Jan is hooking this cute Lori Brechlin bird.

Cindy is thinking of Christmas already.

Vicky is hooking the grassy hill on this freebie pattern from RHM.

And Mary’s wonderful M. Shaw chickens are getting close to the finish line.

Beth is nearly done with the embroidery on this little sashiko glasses pouch.

And the rug that Laura started in Ali Strebel’s class is really close to the being finished. The colors are stunning in person.

Me? I brought my EPPing to hooking...lol.

And, finally, Kathie is crocheting a soft afghan.

Robert adopted a Maine coon mix from the shelter for his birthday.

He named him Jerome.  He is thin now, but they think he will be a big guy. Look at that tail!!

We celebrated Mother’s Day at Ashley’s home.

A bit of humor....and maybe a bit of truth...lol.

Take Care,


  1. oh wonderful projects!!
    sweet kitty

  2. Laura's piece is my favorite. A nice prim pot of flowers.

  3. So much talent!!!
    I hope Jerome and Robert become best of friends. So happy he adopted.

  4. So many gorgeous projects at the hook-in! Thank you for sharing pics with us! Robert and Jerome are going to be the best of buds....we have a friend that has 3 Maine Coon cats...and they are all wonderful (and super smart)! Wishing them many years of happiness!

  5. It's so fun to see what you and your friends are up to. Such creativity.