Saturday, July 15, 2017

Less Than Hoped For

My progress is less than hoped for on the stitching front, but the garden and yards have seen considerable progress. As the days get hotter it is likely that I will be spending less time outside. That may mean more time for stitching pursuits....or not.

My plan had been for a block a day on the scrappy rug. That didn't happen, but progress has been made.

Only three blocks left!!! This has been a very long journey. So ready to move on.

A couple of months ago, after completing all of my Lucy Boston blocks, I decided to put away the tub of fabrics that I had pulled for that undertaking. Inside I found three of the required 72 EPP'ed six pointed stars that I had started for 
this project.  (It was a Temecula Quilt Company program back in 2014!! I am just three years in arrears on this UFO). It seemed a shame to stow the fabrics away without cutting the remaining 69 stars, which led to stopping other projects and stitching same. Then I needed 4 yards of fabric for setting....hello stash. I found a good enough choice and am proceeding.

The center large hexagon is the setting fabric. I wish it was a bit quieter fabric, but it was what I had. There will be background triangles joining the stars. The final quilt requires 10 circles of six stars and 4 half circles of three stars. I currently have the first circle partially stitched.

I completed one more section of the First Friday Quilt. 

Now I need only stitch June and July in order to catch up.

I have watched this beautiful native fern, the Bracken fern, grow in the edge of our woods since we moved here ten years ago.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to move a bit of it, so I will just have to enjoy it in its woodland setting.

These beans from our garden will taste so good this winter!!

Prayers for this guy, who is undergoing yet another surgery for wound infection this morning.

Seen yesterday enjoying a much deserved margarita at their favorite Mexican restaurant before heading to the hospital....again. They are so heart breaks for them.

Have a blessed weekend and Take Care,


  1. So sad he has yet another infection and another hospital stay. I'm sure everyone IS weary.

    Love your scrappy blocks and it is a happy rug for sure.

  2. I love that rug, Jennie. The color combinations are so delightful. I think the background fabric for your stars looks calm from a distance; it's probably just close up that it looks busy. I have trouble deciding sometimes whether to go with what looks best close or at a distance. We see quilts from a distance when we photograph a whole quilt but so often, when we're using a quilt or have it folded in a room, we see it up close. And your little triangles are fun. I have a bunch that I'm trying to decide what to do with. I need at least a bit of a plan before sewing pieces of fabric together. I hope Rob's surgery and recovery are quick and easy with the result of no more infection.


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