Thursday, March 23, 2017

Well, Hello!

I'm finally back again. The past month or so has been full of challenges. Much has been accomplished, but little in the realm of hooking or stitching. Life is just like that at times.

To say that I failed to meet my monthly goals for February is an understatement. I never even found UFO #5 despite considerable searching. And though I didn't touch Postage Stamp Stars, I did purchase a setting fabric that I think will work (and no, there wasn't a single thing in my considerable stash that I thought would do the job). And I have a setting plan....I think.

I did finish the final Lucy Boston block as well as the 4 patch setting blocks.
Now on to the setting rectangles surrounding  the 4 patch. But not this month.

I am playing catch up on the Lori Holt Quilty Folks row Quilt that several of us Crazies are doing as a group.
I finished the rows with these cute stars and houses and have moved on to some tiny flying geese blocks now. The saving grace with this project is that I have precut and neatly packaged each row.

Wild Goose Wednesday's flying geese have been easy enough to keep up with.
Eight geese a week will soon fill up this little project box.

I did meet my goal on my scrappy rug, but will post when I get a decent photo.

Can't Never Could held Grey Matters 2017, our annual fundraiser last Friday night.  It was a huge success, once again selling out at 400+ people. The main speaker was an absolutely amazing young woman, Aimee Copeland   Please take the time to click on her name and read about her. Trust me, you will be inspired!!  
Robert, Christi, Aimee, Rob and Sara Ashley 

The beautiful weather has given us the opportunity to allow the flock to spend a little time scratching the soil and bug hunting in the garden. They are so much fun to watch.

Take Care,


  1. Goodness. So happy I scrolled down my sidebar and found I missed your post.
    I'd say even if you didn't meet your goals, your progress is amazing!!!
    I have read about Aimee. She is an inspiration. Recently I saw her in an exercise video.
    Your flock looks happy to be out bug hunting.
    Haha on the Thin Mints.
    Happy Saturday :)

  2. In the Lucy Boston block, are all those triangles pieced or is it a printed fabric? Regardless, it makes for a striking block.

    I enjoy seeing pictures of your flock. So many interesting colorations. Sort of like choosing colors for a quilt. I would not want to care for them but always like to see people that have the variety of colors and plumage.

  3. Love your chickens! I used to keep chickens and got to the point where I did not care of they laid eggs but just loved to have them around. Also, I rarely set goals because my work became about the goal rather than itself. i love the work you have done.

  4. I am so far behind reading blogs.... I love your little houses. They are delightfully bright and fun. I thought about doing those geese but sometimes it just feels like a commitment of even five blocks is too big. Maybe I'll start. I can't remember how long she's making geese.... I think chicken are fun to watch, too. I love seeing their "bloomers" from behind as they head toward something of great interest. Yours have beautiful plumage.