Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glorious Hexagons and Kids

Seems the only handwork I have accomplished in over a month is my Glorious Hexagons. Family activities and gardening have taken the forefront.

Between grandchildren activities today, I got a bit of slow stitching (hooking up with Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday) on another hexagon.
This one is part of month three. Below are months one and two (plus a few extras).
The extras are the result of starting this project, deciding my original plan was too dull, and starting completely over. As I proceeded, I was convinced by my partners in crime, Kathie and Laura, that the originals could easily be worked into my new plan. They were right. Since some of these extras are not repeated, I am replacing a "Judy" here and there with them (since there are a multitude of Judies).

This morning we enjoyed the Newnan FUMC Youth Choir's presentation...beautiful job, Robert and Sara Ashley!
They just returned from a several state tour where they presented this program.

This afternoon we saw the final game of Jackson's Newnan All Star baseball game. They came in second in the overall tournament, and did a great job, having played three games in 90+ degree weather today.

And here is a Mattie update:-))

On Monday, Mattie kid sat for Jackson and Christopher.
Think she was pretty pleased that the boys decided to join her in her pen!!

Take Care,


  1. Did I already tell you how beautiful I think these hexagons are? They look like gems and remind me of views through a kaleidoscope. Just gorgeous! That's a sweet photo of you and your husband with your grandson. And, of course, Maddie and her boys are all adorable.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  2. Those are some beautiful hexagons. You have quite a few going for just a couple of months.

    You have a lovely family...and Maddie, too!

  3. Your hexagons are fabulous! They definitely can all play together!
    And I love the photo of the boys in the pen with the dog...adorable!