Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Trails, Diane

On Thursday Laura, Kathie, Diane and I had our last "Eric Day" (named after our previous hooking teacher, Eric Sandberg) as a foursome. 

You see, our dear Diane is moving to West Virginia with her hubby who is taking on a new career. We are beyond sad to see her go, but know it is right for her....she will be moving into a lovely home close to her sister and mother. But, oh, how we will miss her sweetness and talent and friendship. She made us better people.
Happy Trails, sweet friend.

Here is a peek at what I have been stitching....
Fabrics so not me, but so much fun. Kathie, Laura and I are going to Intown Quilters for the Glorious Hexagon class that is meeting monthly.

Rob spent several days at Reel Recovery up in Virginia. It was a wonderful retreat for men with cancer diagnoses.....Learning to fly fish and share hope with one another.

And this is me presenting a Can't Never Could scholarship to a beautiful high school senior who has maintained a 4.0 GPA, participated in HS activities and worked to help her family financially while her dad battles liver cancer. Congratulations, Brianna!!

Finally,  my sister and BIL celebrated 61 years of marriage and his 98th birthday (with my niece, Faye).
Ain't it the truth????
Take Care,


  1. Some really interesting designs formed by fussing cutting in those hexagons.

  2. Absolutely the silence is suspicious. I've had a couple classes with Eric myself. He sure it one talented man.

  3. I'm sure your friend will be missed but you have many memories to treasures.
    Happy anniversary to your sister and BIL.
    Great picture of Rob. He looks so happy.
    Hugs :)