Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday stuff.....................

It is really hot here in Georgia.  Several sections of our county have had considerable rain over the past month.........but not us.  We have only had about an inch or so of rain since May.  Our flowerbeds are parched and we are watering our tiny garden occassionally.  This morning we decided to get out and do a little yardwork before it got too hot.  Well, it was already too hot, but we did get a few things done.

Watermelon and Cantelope

I have been working on the hexies some at night.  They have grown to thirteen now, with several more prepped and waiting.  It is one of those lovely, mindless things to do.  Exactly what I need right now.

Nothing special planned for the weekend.  Errands, church, the usual.  It is too hot to think of doing much.
Work on the house continues and it is beginning to hint of home once again.  The septic tank required our attention this week (it is always something unexpected and unwanted, isn't it) and that slowed us down a bit.  The contractor is here working today, though, and that makes me feel better.  I am so ready to be "normal" again.................I know, what exactly is "normal"??
Have a good weekend!

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