Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Progress Here......

For some reason, I have suddenly had a real kickstart on my projects this year, and particularly the last month or so. It goes without saying that my new workspace has contributed greatly to this success. But there also seems to be a new mindset. Not to say that I am not still overwhelmed when I open the doors to my closets and see all of those projects......more than I could ever complete in my lifetime. But I am working on them, and best of all, enjoying it. It is a hobby, a lovely pasttime...not a job (I have one of those, which keeps me from getting as much done but allows me to continue to have buying power....what a trade off!!). Maybe the recognition and acceptance of the pasttime vs. job thing has helped some.

At any rate, I am showing off now. The first is my cross stitch "Give Us This Day", design by La Di Da (I think), which is now back from the framers and hanging nicely in my dining room. The photo really doesn't do the color of the linen justice and the angle makes the frame look a little wonky. My photography skills are sorely lacking.

I have rejoined the Jo's Little Women Club at the LQS. Before the big move, I had enjoyed this club and was happy to be able to find time for it again. We are doing a quilt called Holiday Inn this time. It is a little larger than most of the club quilts and will be done over several sessions rather than one. This photo is the result of the first two, I added the plain border from session three to stabilize all of those little half-square triangles (okay, I really wanted to see how it would look). Instead of using cotton for the center applique, I chose to do wool applique, pulling from my hand dyed woolens and using Valdani variegated floss to hand buttonhole stitch it down. I am rather pleased with the results thus far.

I also had three quilt tops longarmed this month and they now wait patiently in this chair for trimming and binding. Then they can be counted as finishes and proudly shown. I dug into my stash for backings for two of them and utilized fabrics from the late 1970s or early 1980s (Yours Truly fabrics, back when 100% cotton was a rarity), so I feel pretty smug about that.

This is the rug that I worked on at rug camp with Jeanne Benjamin: It is called "Christmas in the Country" and is by New Earth Designs. I won't tell you how long ago I started it. I will say that my favorite part of it is the log cabin blocks around the border. Combines the best of both worlds, quilting and hooking. I am hungry for a hooking finish, and this will be it before too long.

On my way home from rug camp we stopped at a lovely antique mall in is an annual tradition. Let me say that my Expedition was piled to the top with rugs and wool and frames and other rug camp necessities. It did not, however, stop me from purchasing this charming little primitive cabinet. How could I leave it behind, knowing it would fit perfectly in my sewing studio?

Finally, I allowed myself to start a new project and I will give you a little preview:. I can hear you thinking.......twenty five dull, dark Ohio Stars.........what in the world is she thinking. Well, just stay tuned.

Finally, I couldn't resist a sweet puppy picture. Miss Roxie, in her mom's chair:

Take Care,

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